Tiny Radius of Awareness Tiny Radius of Awareness

In the drawings and paintings made by Josef Bolf in the last decade, the metaphor of a labyrinth as a place entered by the protagonists of the narrative to get to know themselves while risking the very opposite keeps recurring. The housing estates and interiors of schools and hospitals built in the spirit of socialist modernism represent a non-human counterpart of the subjects thrown into them. The stiffness of the architecture stuck between utopia and ruin seems to predestine the lives of the characters who often make the impression of not knowing how

they got into the picture. We, too, are not certain what brought them on the scene; perhaps a search for meaning, for a kindred spirit, or just an attempt to get away. Movement may have temporarily stopped in the paintings, however, their space is still imbued with unrest. It stays on the soft edge of consciousness, like a groove on a table top in which we keep running our nails unknowingly, or a sore spot on our bodies which we keep touching to make sure that the pain has not yet subsided.
Jan Zálešák, Curator

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Admission 40 CZK
For students, seniors and disabled holders 50% discount

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