Zdena Šafka

Behind it

8. 9. — 22. 10. 2017
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Behind it

Zdena Šafka’s exhibition at Václav Špála Gallery unveils abstract paintings inspired by nature

Václav Špála Gallery has dedicated autumn to painter Zdena Šafka’s paintings. In recent years, her works have shifted from humans to nature, to a harmony expressed both as a whole and in detail. “For those who want, she thereby creates space for imagination and for returning to a highly diversified specific world. For others, she offers satisfaction derived from her compositions of colours and shapes instead of the vanished objects,” Pavel Lagner, the curator of the new exhibition at Václav Špála Gallery, comments on the display.

The name of the exhibition, Za tím [Behind It], conveys the painter’s emotions related to her work. “Because not only what you see at the first sight but mainly what is behind it is important. What is in the background of all events or pictures,” Zdena Šafka explains the name her exhibition.

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Works on display (a selection)

Zdena Šafka

*1953 , Prague


1974The Academy of Art, Architecture, 
and Design, in Prague (VŠUP) (1974-1981)

selected individual exhibitions

2017Tak i tak, Galerie 1. patro, Praha 2015Za chvíli bude všechno jinak, Art Gen, Praha 2014Nejkrásnější viadukt, Muzeum betlémů, Kryštofovo údolí 2013Aqua at cetera, Hrad Hardegg (A) 2012Barva Světlo Čas, Galerie České pojišťovny, Praha 2012Křehká rovnováha, Velvyslanectví ČR, Peking 2012Cesty, PCC, Praha 2011 ‘Heads’, Golem Club, Prague  2011The Third Faculty of Medicine, 
Charles University, Prague
2010 ‘People and Other Beings’, Senate 
of the Czech Republic, Prague
2010‘17.05.03’, Prinz Prager Gallery, Prague 2009 ‘3 Different Ways’, galerie My, Jablonec nad Nisou 2009‘Angel in the City’, Museum of Art and Design, 
          Benešov, near Prague
2009Ejhle člověk, Muzeum umění a designu, Městská galerie Telč 2008 ‘Angel in the City’, Galerie České pojišťovny, Praha  2008 Hotel Thalia, Prague 2008 ‘Angel in the City’, Church of the Holy Spirit, Ostrava 2008The Baroque grounds of Skalka 2006Capita Picta, Galerie Lapidárium, Praha 2005‘Things Woven, Things Smelted’ 
 (with Oldřich Plíva), Nová síň, Prague

selected collective exhibitions

2013Krajina, Galerie Zdeňka Sklenáře, Praha 2012Tendence českého umění gobelínu, Marktredwitz (D) 2010‘New Paintings’, Galerie Kotelna, Říčany near Prague 2009‘Kunst zur Zeit des Kalten Krieges’ 
(Art in the Time of the Cold War), Riegersburg, Austria
2008 ‘Auf Amors Flügeln’ (On the Wings of Cupid), 
Riegersburg, Austria 
2007‘Hautnah, Stoffe zum Träumen’ 
(Closer: The Stuff of Dreams), Riegersburg, Austria
2005‘Artapestry’, Aalborg, Denmark, Krefeld, 
Germany, Anvers, Austria,
2002Galerie „N“, Jablonec nad Nisou 2001Northe Bohemian Museum, Liberec

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